Local marketing is the practice of getting online traffic funneled into “offline” or brick and mortar businesses.

The local marketer is an Internet marketer proficient at applying various strategies to achieve search engine rankings, increased traffic, and on site conversion be they leads and / or sales. The local marketer is not restricted to offer these services locally.  He / she can operate their local marketing agency from anywhere in the world, as long they have high-speed Internet access.

The use of the web to find local products and services has created a demand for local Internet marketers that far outstrips the supply.  Offline businesses are currently scrambling to find qualified Internet marketers who can help them shift from outmoded forms of advertising in order to tap into where people are actually looking for local businesses.  The numbers tell the story: a staggering 40% of Google searches are for local products and services!

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Words from: Aubrey Lorentz